Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1500 years of Leicester history

From the University of Leicester website:
Earlier this month, Leicester’s City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby visited the University to give a joint lecture on the city’s past 1,500 years with the Director of the University of Leicester Archaeological Services, Richard Buckley. 
It focused mainly upon the city’s first 1,500 years of existence and it finished at the end of the medieval period. In this lecture Richard talked about how recent research and discoveries have shed new light upon many interesting facets of the city, including the health and diet and lives of the population throughout history. 
Peter Soulsby then detailed the Connecting Leicester plans which aim to reconnect the historical areas of the city that have been separated by developments in the last century.
This is an audio recording only, but there are some good photographs of the city's archaeology and heritage included.

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