Friday, October 19, 2012

Jimmy Savile and British Rail

Such is the Conservatives' luck at the moment that no sooner is Sir George Young named as their new chief whip than a picture appears of him and his young children with Jimmy Savile. Well, almost.

But this leaflet is a reminder of Savile's ubiquity in those days. In particular, he was the face of British Rail in all its advertising.

When I was a student I had a theory that you could judge the importance of a station by the number of likenesses of Savile you could find on posters there. A major junction like York would be comfortably into double figures.


Gareth Aubrey said...

Not only is it a picture of the new Chief Whip with Jimmy Savile, it's a picture of the new Chief Whip on a bike (because that worked out so well the last time...)

Anonymous said...

Sick of this whole Jimmy Savile affair. Who cares anyway?