Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jersey: An interview with Lenny Harper (part 1)

The Jersey blog Voice for Children has an interview (billed as the first of two parts) with the island's former deputy chief police officer, and senior investigating officer of its recent child abuse investigation, Lenny Harper.

Voice for Children says:
Yesterday Mr. Harper was permitted a short interview on BBC State Radio which left a number of listeners with the belief that Mr. Harper was levelling criticism towards the States of Jersey Police by suggesting an independent Police Force should be recruited to investigate the Jimmy Savile case in Jersey. 
Not for the first time the BBC had given those listeners the complete wrong impression, as Mr. Harper explains in part one of this in-depth interview, he has nothing but the upmost respect for the SOJP, as a force, and believes the problems lay with the island's "political masters" so we are happy to undo any damage that might have been caused to the reputation of the SOJP by the BBC. 
Mr. Harper, in this interview, gives us a chilling account of an alleged suspect in the Child Abuse Inquiry where around a dozen victims have given a statement against the person, who Mr. Harper tells us, just the mention of his name causes "Absolute Fear" amongst victims but still remains in a position to harm others. 
The Former Senior Investigating Officer goes on to tell us that, in his opinion, "The Victims are the ones who are being targeted by the Jersey Government and the abusers are the ones who are being protected." 
What is the real BIG story here, is it that Jimmy Savile abused children in Jersey, or is it that the government allowed, and possibly still allows paedophilia to go unpunished if one has the right connections?
Meanwhile, on a planet far away, Stephen Tall praises Jersey's model of policing.


Anonymous said...

I would not believe a word Lenny Harper says.

Anonymous said...

Why? Look up casa pia. Bryn estyn. Kincora. Boystown. Holly grieg. Dunblane. All covered up. coincidence its come out now savilles dead so he cant bring anyone else down with him.