Sunday, October 21, 2012

Leonard Cohen: Closing Time

What is it about Canadian singer-songwriters?

Two weeks ago I wanted a song about disillusionment and found it natural to choose Joni Mitchell. Today I wanted something to express the sense that we are living through the decline of the West, and it seems equally natural to choose Leonard Cohen.

"Closing Time" comes from Cohen's 1992 album The Future, which was the one that led me to discover his work. Ostensibly the lyrics are about some hellhole of a bar, but I have always read it as being about something deeper than that - closing time in the gardens of the West or something like that.

Anyway, Cohen seems remarkably cheerful at the prospect in this live performance - much more cheerful than when he sings about love.


wolfi said...

Wen I heard "Bird on the wire" on the radio for the first time in 1969 I almost stopped my car ...

Cohen really is one of the greatest. Have you heard Joe Bonamassa's rendition of "Bird" on his latest album ?

And did you know that I saw Joe B perform the first time opening for Steve Winwwod in a tent in Winterbach near Stuttgart ?

And now the last question: Do you know anything about Steve's plans for 2013 ? Any concwerts ?

Ticketsinventory said...

I saw Leonard perform this last night the audience of almost 7000 reduced to total silence and appreciation of a beauty and creativity rarely experienced..