Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Six of the Best 288

Owen Paterson’s announcement on the delay of the badger cull is good news for badgers and for the Liberal Democrats says Andrew Wigley on Liberal Democrat Voice.

"The SNP Government is  not in a good position two years out from the Referendum. There is no cause for complacency in the Better Together camp but the First Minister's personal and political credibility has taken a huge dent. His glib assertions that everything would be fine in an independent Scotland have been shown not to be nothing more than hot air." Caron's Musings gives Alex Salmond both barrels.

Max Atkinson has clips of Conrad Blak's interviews with Adam Boulton and Jeremy Paxman.

"In a less than a decade, building on Richard Louv’s thought-provoking phrase ‘nature- deficit disorder’, the issue of getting children back outside to play has garnered public, government and media attention." Bob Peart writes on the Children and Nature site.

Talking Philosophy remembers when Lord Russell met Lord Russell - thanks for the photo.

The holloways of Cornwall are explored by Frames of Reference.

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