Sunday, October 07, 2012

In which I am quoted in the Herald

My unsolicited advice to Willie Rennie is quoted (anonymously, damn him) in the Herald by its "Chief Scottish Political Correspondent". I wonder if that is because mentioning the name of my blog would suggest to his readers that I am not central to rows in the Scottish Liberal Democrats?

Still, Calder is a good Scots name and I am very proud of my Scottish ancestry.


Unknown said...

I have to say that annoyed me - it's not as if your name isn't prominently displayed. Am also annoyed that none of my comments in Willie's defence were quoted!

Gerry said...

I could say I'm annoyed my name is not there as I am one of people who signed the letter.

Tom Barney said...

There is of course a station on the Far North line called Scotscalder, which makes your last point very neatly.