Monday, October 22, 2012

Six of the Best 287

"Nick Clegg has ceased to act as a chief spokesman for the coalition as a whole. That is working to Mr Clegg’s benefit and Mr Cameron’s disadvantage. Without Clegg constantly reminding us that he is part of the show - his Lib Dem colleagues have also gone more low profile - we are left with the impression of a bunch of Tories, and a pretty second rate bunch at that, in charge." Nick is benefiting from a decision that he will no longer act as the Coalition's lightning conductor, argues Alastair Campbell.

If you watched Trumped on BBC last night you will be interested in a post on Love and Garbage about Alex Salmond's attempt to win Donald Trump's support for the release of Abdelbasset Al Megrahi.

The truth has finally caught up with Lance Armstrong, writes Paul Kimmage in the Irish Independent.

Northumberlandia celebrates Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood - "A pious, just and exemplary man".

While Anita Harris and her marvellous juicy melons are celebrated by The Downstairs Lounge.

Song of the Paddle takes a canoe trip down the Welland from Market Harborough to Ashley.

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