Sunday, October 07, 2012

The shorter Janet Street Porter

We all knew the stories about Jimmy Savile, but I was only the editor of a national newspaper so what could I do?


Martin Brookes @oakhamuk said...

This so shocking, why do people turna blind eye. Recently a retired teacher said the same to me, referring to a teacher who got away with it. "We always had our suspicions, So why did they not investigate at the time. Two teachers others were arrested in the 90s. I would like to think times have changed but I don't. People in power often abuse anyone they fancy. As for the BBC Rumours that this was widespread I would say its true. The institution of our country needs a big kick up the rear. Cover up after cover up. I saw this with the case of the notorious Leicestershire Social worker, who moved to Hertfordshire and became my brothers social worker. So many times you hear damage limitation banded about. The damage has been done, they need to stop t happening ever again. They need to believe children. People like Janet in my mind are just as bad as the abusers

Mickft said...

It really is shocking that people won't shop child abusers. Where I live "grassing" is totally taboo. I remember canvassing in an area where a man had just been sent down for child abuse. Lots of people told me "Oh, we knew all about it, but you can't grass to the police, it's just not on".

Until child abuse is seen for the wickedness it is and people accept that THEY have a responsibility to stop it, then people like Savile will continue to get away with it.