Monday, October 15, 2012

Lib Dems rubbish cash-for-seats deal story

Yesterday evening I blogged about George Parker's claim in in the FT that "senior Conservatives" are preparing to offer the Liberal Democrats millions in state funding in return for Lib Dem support for their cherished plans for boundary reforms.

Lib Dem HQ has been busy rubbishing the story, pointing us to Nick Clegg's "Nothing will change my mind on that" when answering questions as deputy prime minister last month.

There has been another, more alarming, story going around about the Tories exploring what they could offer to the Nationalists and Norther Ireland MPs to win their support for boundary reforms. Because, mathematically, it would be possible for these to be passed without Lib Dem support.

Still, Grasshopper, that is how you win readers for your blog. Report a speculative story one day and report its denial the next.

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Unknown said...

The problem with the Irish theory of course, is that it relies on 100% of the Tories voting for it, including those that will be deselected by the review.

That seems incredibly unlikely, even if the Tory whipping operation wasn't fatally compromised by Gategate.