Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chris Morris reports the death of Jimmy Savile - in 1994

Let us recall the BBC's original statement on the matter:
The BBC has conducted extensive searches of its files to establish whether there is any record of misconduct or allegations of misconduct by Sir Jimmy Savile during his time at the BBC. No such evidence has been found. 
Whilst the BBC condemns any behaviour of the type alleged in the strongest terms, in the absence of evidence of any kind found at the BBC that corroborates the allegations that have been made, it is simply not possible for the corporation to take any further action.


Anonymous said...

I think a full independent enquiry into all the institutions Savile was involved with (not just the BBC) is definitely needed if the UK is to restore any kind of credibility to its' so-called democratically accountable system. With each further allegation, the UK is beginning to look more and more like the Jimmy Savile protection racket, rather than a proper democracy.

I've just seen the video at and it's horrendous. If this video is genuine, then it is a real shame that nobody ever spoke out while Savile was alive. It just shows the power and influence he must have had.

Unknown said...

What about the paedophiles within St John ambulance who are about to receive an award from the Queen's representative: