Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Leighton Andrews resigns as Welsh education minister

Wales Online reports:
Education Minister Leighton Andrews resigned dramatically tonight after First Minister Carwyn Jones told him he had broken the Ministerial Code by campaigning against the closure of a primary school in his Rhondda constituency. 
The resignation of one of the biggest hitters in his Cabinet is a major blow to Mr Jones, who won the Welsh Labour leadership three and a half years ago with Mr Andrews as his campaign manager.
This is a change to inform my younger readers that Andrews was the Liberal-SDP Alliance candidate for Gillingham in the 1987 General Election. And the Welsh blogger CymruMark once wrote:
The Leighton Andrews I observed in the Liberal Party in the 80's was a very different character. Always associated with the ALC/Liberator self-appointed keepers of the radical flame element he was a fluent persuasive speaker with impeccable anti-authoritarian views. 
It was astonishing to see him in Welsh Labour and his contributions to the assembly seem utterly at odds with his previously expressed opinions.
But then, back in the 1980s, Andrews was a great and public supporter of Gillingham Town. Today he is a a great and public supporter of Cardiff City.

Still Lord Bonkers recently praised his education policies in Wales.

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