Monday, June 03, 2013

Northampton Labour councillor defects to UKIP

At least I think that is what happened, although this Northampton Chronicle & Echo report is not entirely clear:
Beverley Mennell, who was elected to represent Kingsley ward in 2011, today resigned from the Labour Party and announced she would now be standing as an independent candidate for UKIP (sic), making her the first councillor in the authority’s history to represent the Euro-sceptic party. 
Councillor Mennell, who recently lost a bid to take the leadership from veteran Labour leader, Councillor Terry Wire, said she would be making a full statement at tonight’s full council where should be sitting apart from the Labour group for the first time. 
She told the Chron: “I have been unhappy with the situation within the Labour group for several months now and I know several of my former colleagues have also expressed similar concerns. UKIP now has more than 600 members in Northampton and that is growing all the time and the party performed well, taking three seats in the recent county council elections. 
“I believe UKIP will stand up for local people’s concerns in Northampton in two years and I am confident they will get behind UKIP and we will win more seats.”
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