Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Six of the Best 358

"I hope that at least some of our parliamentarians vote against a cull tomorrow. I don’t hold much hope that the cull will be prevented by this motion, however, and I am disappointed that once again our parliamentary party has failed to properly assess the evidence and vote accordingly." Dr Craig Brown from the Association of Liberal Democrat Engineers and Scientists gets it right on Liberal Democrat Voice.

What is happening in Istanbul? İnsanlik Hali explains.

"We are not dancing bears," says Critical Faculties, opposing the establishment of the Rate Your Lecturer website.

Vice has a skinny latte at the new Guardian coffee shop.

"This little post is an attempt to rehabilitate my new home town and all call to arms for it's inhabitants to no longer accept this lowly status and to make the city great again, albeit for entirely different reasons." Skull Tech takes us on The Bradford Tour of Awesome.

The Live by Night, like me, is a great admirer of Jack Clayton's 1967 film Our Mother's House: "I’m sure nobody intended it that way (especially given when it was made), but right here in Our Mother’s House is the entire Sixties experience in miniature."

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