Friday, June 07, 2013

Six of the Best 359

"Was the Communications Data Bill just a cover for PRISM data?", asks Complicity.

Writing on the Northampton Liberal Democrats site, Richard Church remembers Tony Rounthwaite, who died at the end of May: "Brian Markham, who was elected in 1985 to the County Council said 'If you have ever asked yourself why there have been Liberal and Liberal Democrat Councillors in Northampton for the last 30 years when they have been few and far between in say Wellingborough or Kettering, the answer very largely was Tony Rounthwaite'."

Ferdinand Mount reviews four books about Margaret Thatcher for the TLS.

The centenary of the death of Emily Wilding Davidson is marked by an online exhibition hosted by the LSE Digital Library.

An audience of more than 200 enjoyed a debate on "Richard III: Benevolent King or Murderous Tyrant?" at the University of Leicester last night.

Bill Mankin writes for No Depression on "We Can All Join In: How rock festivals helped change America" - nice Traffic references there, sir: "The sensation of strength-in-numbers could be exhilarating. For individuals from far-flung high schools who otherwise felt like – or were treated like – they were weirdoes, freaks or outcasts, it was a relief to have a place where they could let their guards down and ‘do their own thing’. Authority figures were few and far between, and incense and pot smoke wafted on the breeze to enhance the sensory experience and give things an extra edge of rebellion."

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