Saturday, June 08, 2013

Welland Valley Beer Festival

I have spent the day enjoying the Welland Valley Beer Festival - nine pubs, stretching from Great Bowden on the edge of Market Harborough to Lyddington in Rutland, served by a relay of vintage buses. How can you not enjoy that? The buses also call at Market Harborough station, so it is easy to reach it from further afield.

I visited the Talbot Inn at Gretton, the Wheel & Compass at Weston by Welland and the Queen's Head at Sutton Bassett. In between I found some things to photograph and even had a walk between those last two villages, though that is the shortest between participating pubs apart from the two in Lyddington,which really would have been cheating.

As to the beer, I rather liked Biggus Dickus from Nobby's Brewery at Guilsborough - and not just for the name. And I enjoyed listening to The Others at the Queen's Head.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes: the puerile beer name. Good to know some aspects of the real ale tradition are alive and well. Sigh.

@theothersMH said...

Great to hear you heard us. Had a smashing time. Seems so long ago now, but roll on WVBF 2014