Sunday, June 16, 2013

Six of the Best 361

Liberator's blog looks at who is likely to get the next batch of Liberal Democrat peerages.

"The pub wasn't turning over anything like the previous tenants figures suggested and almost from the off we knew we were going to struggle. As I waived my husband off for what was supposed to be his last tour of Afghanistan, both he and I knew it wouldn't be the last time I would be doing this. It turned out that way too ... Even now, over four years later, he is still in Afghanistan and we can’t see a way for our family to be together." A post on PUBlicity shows why the campaign against pubcos is right.

David Boyle is discussing his new book "Broke: Who Killed the Middle Classes" at several literary events this summer. More details on The Real Blog.

Spies now have too much influence over government. Says who? Says John le CarrĂ© in the Guardian.

Transpontine examines the days when Jessica Mitford lived in Rotherhithe.

"Their solution was to fill the first edition, on pages which would be replaced by match reports later, with transfer gossip stories. 'Eventually Murdoch got another printing press in the north so they could get the football in first time,' says a Fleet Street veteran. 'Then people complained that they missed the transfer stories! So they got back in and have been getting in ever since.'" explains how those unfounded transfer rumours came to fill our newspapers.

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