Sunday, June 30, 2013

Six of the Best 365

Photo: David Castor
"I don’t care that George Osborne had a burger on Tuesday night, or that Danny Alexander had a Dominos pizza last night. I don’t care that Eric Pickles had a salad today or that Nick Clegg buys his burgers from a restaurant I've never heard of. I don’t care Ed Milliband once bought a burger or Grant Shapps ate in McDonalds but Vince Cable didn't. I really don’t care. I so, so don’t care." Carl Minns on the day the body politic disappeared up its own rectum.

Andrew Page attended yesterday's annual conference of the Scottish Social Liberal Forum in Glasgow.

Alex's Archives questions the revival of private landlordism.

"The Post Office Tower was deliberately left off Ordnance Survey maps for decades because it was deemed to be an official secret and therefore of such great military importance nobody was allowed to know where it was even though it had become one of the most recognisable buildings in Britain." The Great Wen looks at the history of a London landmark.

On io9, Esther Inglis-Arkell introduces us to a 400-year-old mystery: the Ashen Light of Venus.

Daniel Brigham, writing for The Cricketer, does not mourn Billy Bowden's exit as an international umpire.

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