Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Six of the Best 360

Mark Pack writes on rediscovering and modernising community politics.

Labour was lazy in the South Shields by-election, but Strange Thoughts says it was the electoral system that was to blame: "Where was the incentive for Miliband to spend time and energy building a top notch campaign machine when he knew that his re-election was guaranteed? His energies would be much better spent elsewhere."

"The stand-off in Ankara about the future of a public park that is about to be handed over to developers has been treated by the media for what it says about the Turkish government and its relations with ordinary people. What the story really demonstrates is the vital importance of green spaces in people's lives." The Real Blog reminds us that all regimes try to develop poor people's parks.

"Not content with having his own private uniformed police force patrolling the streets of Newham, Sir Robin Wales has now set up his own Internet monitoring group." Read more on Forestgate.net.

Edwardian Promenade looks at the resurgence of interest in spiritualism during and immediately after the First World War.

Greene King has been accused of "cultural vandalism" over its rebranding of pub signs, reports Gizmodo.

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