Wednesday, June 18, 2014

59 MPs back call for inquiry into sexual abuse of children

As of yesterday evening, 59 MPs had backed the call for an inquiry into the organised sexual abuse of children - even though this story has so far been ignored by the national media.

The story has been covered by the Press Gazette:
Investigative news website Exaro has used a Twitter campaign to get the support of more than 50 MPs in a call for Home Secretary Theresa May to hold an inquiry into the organised sexual abuse of children. After breaking a story about a cross-party group of MPs sending a letter to May two weeks ago, the campaign has built up a “head of steam... driven by social media", Exaro claims. 
And now the two original signatories are writing to every MP asking whether they will back the campaign. 
Exaro editor-in-chief Mark Watts said: “What is remarkable about it is how the campaign for the inquiry has built up on Twitter.”
Read more on the Exaro website.

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