Friday, June 20, 2014

Six of the Best 443

Caron's Musings introduces us to an unsavoury blog being promoted by supporters of Scottish independence.

The education debate tends to underplay the importance of resources and overplay the role of management, argues Stumbling and Mumbling.

"It is possible to see a way forward to slay the CAP beast, bringing together an unlikely alliance of Eurosceptics, free marketeers, libertarians, agrarians and environmentalists." A New Nature Blog on the case for reform of the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy.

Freethinking Economist considers the strange phenomenon that is economic confidence - "We've won the long jump, so let's buy a fridge."

"If you went through everyone's phone and computer, a significant proportion of people would be ripe for similar charges." Bristling Badger looks at the prosecution of a police officer.

David Hepworth says "We're not a great football country. We're a great football market."

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