Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jimmy Savile at Woodhouse Eaves

One of the many institutions that have been linked with Jimmy Savile is the former Roecliffe Manor Children’s Convalescent Home at Woodhouse Eaves in Leicestershire.

An investigation into these allegations was mounted by the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust:
We employed the services of an independent external investigator, Sue Walters, to look into claims dating back to the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. During that investigation, Ms Walters identified that it was not us, but local charity ARC Leicester who are the legacy organisation, so we collaborated with them throughout the remainder of the investigation. We have thoroughly investigated all of the evidence we were given, and the final report was recently submitted to the Department of Health. 
The investigation has concluded that sexual abuse of children residing at Roecliffe Manor is likely to have taken place, although the extent of such abuse is unknown. Despite this finding, it has not been possible to corroborate evidence to conclude that Jimmy Savile was responsible for carrying out any sexual abuse on children at Roecliffe Manor, or that he ever visited Roecliffe Manor. We have passed all of our relevant investigation materials over to Leicestershire Police.
You can download Sue Waters' full report from that page.

Today there have even been suggestions that Savile was involved with the death of a child at Roecliffe Manor - the fullest account seems to be that in the Daily Mail.

After visiting Woodhouse Eaves last month I quoted a Charnwood Borough Council document that says Woodhouse Eaves once contained "a remarkable number of recovery and convalescent homes".

Roecliffe Manor was one of them and until recently was, like the Zachary Merton Convalescence Home, derelict. You can find pictures of it in a state of decay on

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