Saturday, June 07, 2014

Bishop's Castle Town Hall reopens after restoration

I did not get to Bishop's Castle while I was in Shropshire, but last week the Town Hall there was opened after major restoration.

Castle News reports:
The official ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on June 5, followed by an invitation-only reception for representatives of funding bodies and town councillors. The handover is taking place in advance of repointing work which is the subject of confidential negotiations between the town council and contractors. 
The first market in the new town hall will be a flea market, to be held on June 7 and then monthly on the first Saturday of each month. The monthly farmers’ market will move back into the town hall on June 21, continuing on the third Saturday of each month. 
The Town Hall Trust is aiming to hold a twice weekly market on Mondays and Thursdays in the town hall, starting from 16 June. The trustees hope the markets will sell basic foodstuff such as bread and vegetables, perhaps with opportunities for local people to sell surplus produce from allotments, and will be inviting the stallholders at Lydham market to trade in Bishop’s Castle too.
You can read more about the building and its history on the new Bishop's Castle Town Hall website.

My photograph shows the building before restoration began. That's not the only reason you can tell it is a few years old. Barclay's closed its branch in the town in June 2012.

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