Sunday, June 22, 2014

Six of the Best 444

"I didn’t argue against centralisation at Westminster to replace it with centralisation in Edinburgh. That is the legacy of the SNP in power. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with the idea that everything is London’s fault." Caron's Musings reports on a lecture Charles Kennedy gave in Liverpool last week.

Zelo Street reveals the Conservatives' plans to redevelop the World's End estate in Chelsea.

Richard Hallam and Michael Bender on Discursive of Tunbridge Wells look at the way schizophrenia was viewed and treated in te 1960s.

Padraig Reidy, on the Index on Censorship site, looks at a long ago controversy over the radio broadcast of Patrick Hamilton's play Rope: "Over 80 years later, in the age of the iPhone and the Twitter mob, how little we have changed."

Municipal Dreams celebrates Hornsey Town Hall, Crouch End, "the quintessential English modern public building of the decade". That decade is the 1930s.

 Mark Nicholas writes for Cricinfo on the priceless voice of Geoffrey Boycott: "Yes, he can still polarise opinion but in the main, he is much loved and were he suddenly not here, would be much missed."

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