Friday, June 20, 2014

Top Ed Miliband adviser joins the Liberal Democrats

From yesterday's Mirror:
A key adviser who helped Ed Miliband become Labour leader has quit the party and switched to the Liberal Democrats. 
Phil Taylor was among the handful of trusted lieutenants who masterminded Mr Miliband’s victory over his brother David in their battle for the top job. 
But Mr Taylor has poured scorn on his old boss since defecting to Nick Clegg’s party.
The story was also in the Daily Mail, which said of Phil Taylor:
He attacked Labour’s addiction to spending, saying: 'Labour’s view still that absolutely anything with label "capital" slapped on must be so economically beneficial it justifies more borrowing.' 
Mr Taylor also lashed out at Labour's decision to support Tory plans to automatically jail people caught carrying a knife for a second time. 
He said: 'No chance Ed M actually believes this nonsense in private, but terrified of ‘soft on crime’ label - really weak.'
Thanks to Les Bonner.
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Peter Black said...

This Phil Taylor?

Jonathan Calder said...

That Phil Taylor.