Monday, June 30, 2014

Six of the Best 446

"You just need to look at Twitter when Question Time is on, and compare the comments that are made about the male panellists and the female panellists – and that is whether or not they are politicians." Jo Swinson, returning to her ministerial responsibilities after maternity leave and interviewed in the Independent on Sunday, says women in the public eye endure the bottom of the internet.

The Real Blog - that's David Boyle - says political parties must overcome the curse of positioning.

In the US 10,000 two -and three-year-old toddlers are on medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, reports Allen Frances on Psychology Today.

David Peace talks to ArtsBeat about "Red or Dead", his new novel about the great Liverpool manager Bill Shankly.

Spitalfields Life reveals an astonishing photographic discovery: "These wonderful photographs have the power to revolutionise how we think about East Enders at the end of the nineteenth century since, in spite of their poverty, these are undeniably proud people who claim a right to existence which transcends their economic status."

Jon Ratcliffe's blog takes us to one of Swindon's best kept secrets - the Health Hydro, better known as the Victorian Milton Road Baths.

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