Monday, June 23, 2014

Jonathan Meades and platform 1 at Market Harborough

BBC Newsnight Feature: Maglev from Amirani Media on Vimeo.

Jonathan Meades made this film on the case for ultra high-speed railway for Newsnight in 2005.

Take a close look at the still before you play the video. It shows platform 1 at Market Harborough station, but sadly I do not think it is the great man standing there as a train speeds past. That scene can be found at 1:04 in the video.

Showing trains in Midland Mainline livery running into a pre-Eurostar St Pancras, it already has period charm.

Thanks to @PrimedMover on Twitter.

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David Chapman said...

A very interesting item presented in the inimitable Meades fashion. I remember discussions of this technology on Tomorrow's World back in the 70s. I wonder if Ultraspeed featured in the discussion when planning HS2? Looks like when Hs2 opens it will be the very cutting edge of mid-20th century technology. No doubt China and Germany will have opened an extensive ultraspeed network by then.