Monday, June 16, 2014

Six of the Best 442

Flip Chart Fairy Tales explains why you will pay more tax (but politicians don’t want to talk about it)

Liberator's Kiron Reid writes about his experience of observing the election in Ukraine for the University of Liverpool website.

Ben Goldacre has written a guest post exposing crazy new European Medicines Agency policies on clinical drug trials for Us vs Th3m.

"Laura Grey’s death. caused a brief but spectacular newspaper sensation. In this case the ‘ruin’ of a well-brought-up young woman was associated not only with the familiar evils of drugs, the stage and night clubs but also with the exotic addition of the very topical phenomenon of window-smashing, imprisonment and hunger striking – all that denoted involvement in the militant suffragette movement." Woman and her Sphere on the death of a suffragette.

Isle of Dogs Life welcomes the restoration of the West India Dock Pier.

"Wore a wristband asking WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?), though some of his answers to this question seem to have been a bit wide of the mark." The late Hanse Cronje makes the Christian XI selected by Go litel blog, go ….

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