Monday, March 02, 2015

Archaeologists open mysterious lead coffin found at Richard III site

The Leicester Mercury reports:
Archaeologists have opened a unique and mysterious lead coffin which was discovered just metres from the grave of Richard III. 
The casket - the first of its kind to be unearthed in Leicester - was found at the Grey Friars dig site, in August 2013, one year after the bones of King Richard III were exhumed. 
It contained a set of female remains, which experts carefully removed and studied after transporting them back to the University of Leicester. 
They found that the occupant was an elderly woman, who could have been an early benefactor of the friary – as radiocarbon dating shows she might have been buried not long after the church was completed in 1250.
The commentary on this video suggests that the lady in the coffin may be connected with Nevill Holt, which is now accepted by most commentators as being the prime model for Bonkers Hall.

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