Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Continuing Liberal Party stands down in favour of Ukip

The Liberal Party - a small group whose members opposed the merger with the SDP - has ended any doubts that it is a collection of fruitcakes.

The Western Morning News reports that it has stood down its three parliamentary candidates in Cornwall and urged supporters to vote for Ukip.

I hope those supporters will have more sense than the party's leaders and vote Liberal Democrat. Whatever our party's faults, it is far more Liberal than Ukip.

Thanks to Joe Oliver on Twitter.


Bill Chapman said...

Sadly the press did not report that the Liberal Party has nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats but is a group with only three councillors in the whole of the U.K.

Nick said...

A few years ago they were part of Bob Crow's 'No2EU' list for the Euro elections, so they're obviously keeping to being beyond left and right.

Unknown said...

Just to correct the above 'facts' this is not a national decision and is the decision of the Cornish Liberal Party alone.
Oh and the party has 33 councillors nationally. Not 3.