Thursday, March 19, 2015

The campaign against Chelsea

Back in December Jose Mourinho complained of a "campaign against Chelsea" and everyone scoffed.

But an article posted on the club's official website yesterday does at least point to some surprising facts:
It is in our 28 Premier League games this season where we have been awarded just two penalties. Both were for infringements on the league’s most-fouled player, Eden Hazard, and both were in home London derbies, against Arsenal and QPR respectively. The most recent was four-and-a-half months ago. 
Historically, this figure seems abnormally low. 
In the Double-winning 2009/10 campaign, when we were the country’s outstanding attacking team, we were awarded 12 league penalties.
Even in recent seasons, when Chelsea has been a little less successful, we were awarded more penalties than we have been this season.

The article points to another interesting fact. In our six Champions League group games earlier this season we were awarded four penalties.

I am sure there is an innocent explanation for all this, but it would be interesting to know what it is.

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rugbygwyn said...

Random chance in small samples?