Monday, March 16, 2015

Superb new video of the demolition of "the mouth of Hell"

On Sunday I posted a video of the demolition  of Greyfriars bus station, Northampton - known affectionately to locals as "the mouth of Hell".

I have now come across this superb footage, which was shot by the demolition contractors themselves.


busgwyn said...

I know we are all supposed to hate the Greyfriars Bus Station BUT at least you could await your bus in the dry and vaguely warm.

AIUI catching a National Express coach now involves wandering central Northampton to find a roadside shelter.


Jonathan Calder said...

I have always striven to be fair to the old place, but I take it as a minimum requirement for a public building that it should not kill the people who use it.

As to the new arrangements... as far as buses to and from Market Harborough are concerned, I have no complaints.