Sunday, March 29, 2015

Jethro Tull: A New Day Yesterday

A great video of Jethro Tull in their bluesy prime.

Fillimore East was a music venue in New York's East Village.

In a The Local East Village article, John Mayall recalls:
If you played there, you did feel like you were a part of something whereas the bigger places, of course, everybody gets lost in the shuffle. Stadiums are stadiums, it loses the intimacy. So because of the size of the place it was just about right. It held a lot of people but not too many people that you couldn’t feel that connection with the artist.
Its owner Bill Graham, says the article:
long maintained that the Woodstock Festival dramatically changed the rock concert industry. As performers’ fees skyrocketed, only arenas and stadiums could afford to book the rock stars of the 1970s
Today it is a bank.

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