Friday, March 27, 2015

Church Stretton Library swept away in a tide of management speak

Church Stretton Library is tucked away behind the town's church, housed in a former school. I have written more than one post on this blog there.

Today the Shropshire Star reports that it is to be moved to a site that will be less convenient for many of the people who use it.

Maybe this decision has been forced upon the council by the reduction in government funding - and the officers' report quoted in the Star eventually gets round to saying that - but you have to wade through a sea of management bullshit first:
The decision was made this morning by Councillor Steve Charmley, Shropshire Council's portfolio holder for business growth, ip&e, culture and commissioning. 
Before the meeting, officers at Shirehall recommended he should proceed with the plan – in a report officers Michael Lewis and Kate Garner recommended the plans for the move saying it will "create a modern, sustainable and accessible library service in Church Stretton that reflects the council’s vision for a transformed library service as well as maximise revenue savings for the council".
Reader's voice: You obviously feel strongly about this.

Liberal England replies: I do, but I also have this rather nice picture of the library I wanted to use...

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crewegwyn said...

's what happens when you have to operate within the resource envelope.