Friday, March 27, 2015

Six of the Best 501

Tim Oliver says Liberals must stand up to Russia over Ukraine.

"I very much welcome the decision of the Supreme Court that letters written by Prince Charles to Ministers should be published." Peter Black explains why.

George Packer on a St Petersburg gathering of right-wing extremists from Europe and the US: "There’s a little Putin in everyone, forever picking at old scabs, whipping up team spirit, settling scores—us against them, a hateful sort of love. Acknowledging these things is the only antidote to being governed by them."

"The notion that ticklish conversations must be scrubbed clean of controversy has a way of leaking out and spreading. Once you designate some spaces as safe, you imply that the rest are unsafe. It follows that they should be made safer." Judith Shulevitz deplores the sheltering of students from scary ideas.

Cristina Hartmann explains why it took so long for The Great Gatsby to be recognised as a masterpiece.

"I have told my son he ain't fucking playing snooker, because I love him too much." Sam Knight profiles the genius that is Ronnie O'Sullivan.

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