Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Six of the Best 499

The Farron-hunting season has begun, reports Nick Barlow.

Towards the Sound of Gunfire offers its "highly suspect general election predictions". They look plausible to me.

"Immigration will cease to be an issue. The children of Eastern European immigrants are assimilating just as the children in Britain born to Poles in the 1970s did (Ramsgate’s only devoted Polish deli actually shut down recently). Many English locals can now be seen and heard in Baltic Branch stores, having discovered eight per cent Polish lager. The Latvian woman behind the counter at a newsagent in Ramsgate even addresses me as 'darlin''." Patrick West journeys into South Thanet - Nigel Farage’s prospective constituency.

Political philosophy is now illegal in the UK, reports Chris Bertram. Unless you are at Oxford or Cambridge, obviously.

Flickering Lamps visits the ruins of Christ Church Greyfriars in the City of London, where the ghost of the 'she-wolf of France' walks.

William Whyte looks sympathetically upon university architecture of the 1960s.

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Phil Beesley said...

Guidelines for the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 specify for Higher Education under "IT Policies":
"There should be clear policies for those who need to access restricted materials for their research or studies."

The guideline for Further Ed is similar but omits "research or", presumably that FE teachers and students are too stupid to conduct research.

What about lectures that discuss "restricted materials"? I can understand that lectures discussing sensitive topics such as child abuse and pornography might have closed entrance. But will admission be restricted when an academic talks about and necessarily demonstrates "restricted materials"?