Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ukip candidate for Harborough resigns because he would have to travel to London if he won

Clive Langley has resigned as Ukip's candidate for Harborough in May's general election.

Among the reasons he gives the Leicester Mercury are that he has "some health issues" and that "If I were elected I would have to take a pay cut as an MP and I would have had to travel to London all the time and that's something I hate."

Hitherto Mr Langley has been best known for telling everyone that he is going to win and for libelling the sitting Conservative MP, Sir Edward Garnier, who happens to be a leading libel barrister.


crewegwyn said...

Fancy them not telling them at the outset that the job was in London!

Bill Chapman said...

UKIP seems to be good at losing its candidates late on in the campaign. According to the Western Mail (Cardiff) lasty Thursday, Norma Woodwood, Ukip's candidate for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr has been suspended from all party activities while an investigation is carried out into the management of a party bank account and also "personal conduct which, if proven, could constitute bringing the party into disrepute". Another one bit the dust!

See for the cutting.