Saturday, April 25, 2015

David Cameron and Tony Blair pretending to be football fans

First, let us pause a moment to enjoy David Cameron's discomfort today. Remember, he is supposed to be an Aston Villa supporter:

Not that he knows much about the Villa. Remember, he was 15 when they won the European Cup. If he really was a fan, that would have been one of the greatest nights of his life:

The truth, I suspect, is that David Cameron is not a Villa fan at all.

As I wrote when discussing Tony Blair's equally unconvincing claim to be a Newcastle United fan:
Football may be classless today, but when the young Blair was at prep school and public school it was less common for someone of his background to follow the game.
And the same is true of the younger David Cameron.

This just in...

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crewegwyn said...

When I stood for parliament, many years ago, questions about the local football team were a standard for local newspapers/ radio to ask.

I found that, "I'm not really a follower of football" was a perfectly adequate, and honest, answer.