Monday, April 20, 2015

Robert Humm of Stamford on the move

For as long as I have been visiting Stamford, my first stop has been at the specialist railway bookseller Robert Humm. First stop, because it is housed in the town's railway station.

Now comes news that their lease on the station buildings is running out and they are moving to premises elsewhere in the town:
The process will take most of this year; we hope to be fully established in our new shop by the start of October. There will be a spell during the summer when neither Station House nor the new shop will be open, but we mean to continue trading through the web site, as long as we can keep tabs on where the stock is. 
So – where are we going? Not very far. We have bought an odd little house (it used to be a pub) at the main crossroads at the northern edge of the town centre. It’s about 10 minutes walk from the station.
In my experience Robert Humm & Co. are very good booksellers. They found me a copy of Eric Tonks' Snailbeach District Railways (before it was reprinted) when a shop in Shrewsbury had told me it was not worth taking my name because the waiting list for it was so long.

And one advantage of this move is that I shall no longer risk being spent out on a day in Stamford before I have left the station.


crewegwyn said...

I met Eric Tonks.

Lovely chap.

Are you impressed?

Jonathan Calder said...