Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Joshua Rozenberg and people outside the Law

Joshua Rozenberg has written a reasoned defence of the decision not to prosecute Greville Janner, though he does not explain why 10 men with dementia have been prosecuted for sexual offences this year.

I was struck, however, by the headline "Critics of Lord Janner decision misunderstand justice system". Rozenberg will not have written it, but it is a fair summary of his argument.

If educated lay people do not understand the justice system, isn't that a problem for the justice system too? Or are we just meant to accept that lawyers are innately superior to the rest of us?

I am reminded of the England and Wales Cricket Board and its complaint about "people outside cricket".


Phil Beesley said...

From your web profile, Raisul: "As an American student who is studying abroad in UK, I feel that we should promote freedom of movement. I want to know what local politician’s think about opening up the borders."

I can give a brilliant piece of advice, Raisul. Just learn to use the fucking apostrophe.

"In the short video..." or 36 minutes of your life.

"From immigration, economic growth and the EU to free speech, humanitarian intervention and building homes ourselves; they put cracking questions to candidates." Wot -- solving the world's problems in 36 minutes?

Have you ever practised "walking down the street and talking to people"?

Phil Beesley said...

This is an interesting spamming technique, Raisul.

You try to boost WORLDbytes which shares an address with WORLDwrite, all part of the Spiked/RCP network.

Our host, Jonathan, has commented on child sexual abuse for many years. He's a liberal, not a reactionary. He has contributed to Spiked. But you ignorantly spammed him via these comments.

I don't know whether Raisul is an RCP/Spiked sock puppet account. Or just a stupid person.