Friday, April 17, 2015

Former MP for Montgomeryshire is a fruitcake

I know what you are thinking and it's not worthy of you.

Because the County Times is reporting that the former Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire, Delwyn Williams, has been backing the UKIP candidate Des Parkinson’s election campaign in the constituency.

Williams won Montgomeryshire from Emlyn Hooson in 1979, only to lose it to Alex Carlile in 1983.
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Geoff Powers said...

No doubt one of many closet UKIP acolytes masquerading as Conservative General Election candidates for 7 May. These fraudsters need to be exposed for deceiving the electorate. Apologies if the word 'exposed' sounds inappropriate - would 'outed' perhaps be preferable? They are not emperors and they don't have new clothes - not even invisible ones. Their clothes are soiled and shoddy!