Friday, April 03, 2015

Wolf Hall and Carry On Henry

King Henry VIII: Her figure's all right. What about her face?
Thomas Cromwell: I am assured, sire, it is the fairest in all Normandy.
King Henry VIII: What about her... [indicates hourglass figure]
Thomas Cromwell: The fullest in all Normandy.
King Henry VIII: Has she been chaste?
Thomas Cromwell: All over Normandy.
When I saw that Carry On Henry was on ITV3 this afternoon, I was interested to see how far Kenneth Williams' interpretation of the role of Thomas Cromwell had influenced that of Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall.

However, judging by appearances, it was Kenneth Connor as Lord Hampton of Wick who had the greatest effect on Rylance.

Of course, Carry on Henry contains the finest double entendre in the Carry On oeuvre.

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