Thursday, April 09, 2015

Michael Green to stand against Grant Shapps in Welwyn Hatfield

Among the candidates that electors in Welwyn Hatfield will be able to choose from on 7 May are Michael Green and Grant Shapps.

What's that? Has the chairman of Conservative Party's notoriously fissile personality finally split down the middle?

No, but the Welwyn Hatfield Times reports:
The mystery candidate, who goes by the business pen name used by the Conservative candidate, registered to vote shortly before today’s 4pm deadline. 
It follows a campaign by Westminster news site Political Scrapbook. 
Backers say the candidate is a recognisable figure who has changed his name by deed poll. 
Editor Laurence Durnan, who is acting as agent, told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “The original idea came from a comment on Facebook under one of our stories, saying ‘wouldn’t it be great if somebody called Michael Green stood as a candidate’.
As yet there is nothing about Michael Green on Political Scrapbook.

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Anonymous said...

Just to add to the confusion, here in neighbouring St Albans, till very recently, we had a Lib Dem councillor called - Guess what? - Michael Green. Guess it's too late to persuade him to stand over there. @KatieStAlbans