Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Rail improvements proposed at Leicester and Market Harborough

There's room for more platforms at Leicester

The Leicester Mercury flags up some of the improvements proposed under Network Rail's East Midlands Route Study.

Among them are the provision of extra platforms at Leicester and even the quadrupling of the track through Market Harborough.

You can find the study on the Network Rail website - that page also gives an email address for comments on the proposals.


Anonymous said...

Where is the plan to reopen the Leicester / Burton line to passengers?

Where is the plan to reopen local stations on existing lines?

This looks like a plan to create more paths for the big freight operations rather than to enhance local passenger services.

Phil Beesley said...

Freight on rail has been the historic purpose of railways. If a freight company thinks that the Leicester (and towns) to London link is purposeful, we should think about it. I can hear Leicester trains all night, at small hours of the morning, from a mile away.

Times have changed, and passengers may be more profitable on big town to big town journeys. We have to think about rail and road usage patterns together.