Friday, April 03, 2015

Jonathan Meades has a new LP out next week

The Test Centre explains:
Pedigree Mongrel is an album by Jonathan Meades composed of specially-recorded readings from his books Pompey, Museum Without Walls and An Encyclopaedia of Myself. 
Combined with the distinctive soundscapes of Mordant Music, it is both a unique retrospective of Meades’ fictional and essayistic writings, and a new and significant standalone work.
You can read more about the project in an interview the great man gave to The White Review:
"Even though he lived well into the period of sound recording, one of the great regrets is that there’s nothing by A. E. Housman. Housman reading Shropshire Lad would have been wonderfully interesting. I find Housman absolutely fascinating, and writers reading their own stuff provided the writer isn't T. S. bloody Eliot…"

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