Monday, April 13, 2015

The blatant contradiction of the Green Party campaign

Natalie Bennett speaking to the Green Party spring conference, 6 March:
"Your vote can change the face of Britain. It can end the failed austerity experiment, end the spiteful blaming of the poor, the sick, the vulnerable for the mistakes of the wealthy."
Natalie Bennett interviewed by East London Lines, 20 March:
British citizens live as though not only one planet is expendable to them, but three. That is the verdict of Green Party leader Natalie Bennett....
These two quotations neatly display the contradiction that has lain at the heart of Green Party thinking ever since it  decided to play down environmental concerns in an attempt to attract disillusioned Labour supporters.

Of course, Bennett is right to say that the austerity of the past five years should have fallen less upon the poorest

But it remains a fact that most former Labour supporters would be startled if they knew what the Green Party really stands for.

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