Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Six of the Best 505

Richard Morris argues that the Liberal Democrats are being too agreeable when it comes to the prospect of a coalition after the general election.

"Davis had a number of examples of elitism to choose: his gap year, his time at Oxbridge, or his public school education. The choice to fixate upon Clegg's multicultural upbringing, suggesting it to be out of touch with "British" people, made for uncomfortable viewing." Kavya Kaushik is hard on Evan Davis - and quite right too.

City of Sound notices planning notices.

William Turvill on the dying art of newspaper subediting.

"Here she stands, the sweetest and brightest of Joans, a decade before anyone knew that J. Edgar Hoover was carrying a torch for her." Matthew Sweet on Jean Seberg and the gamine look.

Jack Cooke walks a forgotten East Anglian branch line.

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