Friday, September 16, 2016

John Peel and Lee Harvey Oswald in Trivial Fact of the Day

This near meeting between the late DJ and the assassin of President Kennedy wins our coveted award.
"It's a story that I've told so often that you get to the point where you don't really believe it yourself, it just seems so unlikely. 
"But then in one of the bits of film of that press conference, we were all standing in this room and they had the identification parade in the basement of this building and they said - Henry Wade said - that this is the man that's been charged in the assassination of President Kennedy, and they brought in Lee Harvey Oswald. And he stood there looking slightly puzzled and alarmed for a while, and then was taken away again. 
"In one of the films of this, which they showed on British television, they showed that Jack Ruby was in the room as well - which I didn't know he was until I saw this film they sort-of panned across the room and in the last few frames you can see me and my friend Bob standing there looking like tourists."
This transcript is taken from the video's YouTube page. The full version there explains what Peel was doing in Dallas in 1963.

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