Thursday, September 01, 2016

Six of the Best 623

If Labour were going to split they’d have done it by now, argues Nick Barlow.

"Before this election, Duck Soup resonated in the United States through the ways it lampooned concepts like nationalism and political decorum. Because of Trump’s ascension, however, Rufus T. Firefly no longer seems like an alien political figure. It’s a notion that even Groucho Marx would’ve found absurd." Luke Epplin says the Marx Brothers can teach us about Donald Trump.

Matthew Green asks if central banks should raise their inflation targets.

"People are often surprised when I tell them that the Telegraph obituaries column has only been going since ... 1986. They assume it has been there forever." It does feel like that, and Andrew M. Brown helps us understand the column's appeal.

The magical rain forests of Britain need protection, says Paul Simons.

Londonist takes us to London's forgotten tube line.

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