Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nick Clegg to host HIGNFY on 7 October

Nick Clegg is to guest host Have I Got News for You, reports the Radio Times. He will be in the chair when the show returns for a new season on Friday 7 October.

The Chortle website adds:
Last year, Clegg appeared on The Last Leg with Josh Widdicombe, Adam Hills and Alex Brooker and held his own, despite some embarrassing questioning. 
And he is also due to appear in Dave's new political show Unspun with Matt Forde.
I don't know if this is a shot at political redemption or being done with an eye to a media career after Nick leaves parliament, but I wish him well.

HIGNFY, for me, long ago passed from being the sort of show you stay in to watch to being one you catch if it is on.

In fact, it is now in the "Is that still being made?" category.

As David Waywell once observed:
Brass Eye ran for seven episodes, causing more merry hell during that time than HIGNFY has caused in 25 years. Longevity can imply toothlessness or, worse, becoming part of the establishment.

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Frank Little said...

> a shot at political redemption or
>being done with an eye to a media career
Both of the above, probably. HIGNFY is better watched on the Dave channel for the sake of historical amusement.