Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tim Farron's speech to the Liberal Democrat Conference today

The party website has the full text of Tim Farron's speech:
So I was in what you might call a reflective mood when I began the meeting. 
There were perhaps 70 people there. Most of them had voted to leave. And most of them pretty much fitted my demographic. 
They weren’t mostly die-hards. I reckon, honestly, that three quarters of them could have been persuaded to vote Remain up until about two or three weeks out. 
One guy said that the clincher for him was George Osborne’s ‘punishment budget’. 
And when he said that, pretty much the whole room chipped in and agreed with him. 
There was near universal acknowledgement that this had been the pivotal moment. 
Here was this guy, George Osborne, who they didn’t really like. 
And who they felt didn’t really like them. 
And he’d appeared on the telly bullying them into doing something they weren’t sure they wanted to do. 
And they reacted.
Later. Watch the video here.

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